Dynamic Tag Content Management Platform

Our innovative marketing platform allows you to measure and analyze consumer engagement and preferences while delivering personalized, rich content to your consumers and visitors. We have assembled a brief overview of the hows and whats here.

What is tag management?

TagTrail is an innovative platform that allows environment and campaign owners to control the content of NFC tags and QR codes in real time. Content can mean anything from a URL link to social media engagement (Facebook Like, Twitter Follow) to contact details and getting directions. Content is what you offer your customers and visitors to make your business and offering more meaningful and accessible.

Our cloud based tag content management platform enables you to manage all of your NFC and QR tags via the web. You design the tags, you define the content or the service and you launch them by physically putting them up in your targeted locations. Our platform will let you see real time engagement and consumer uptake, as well as giving you further analytics that will help you get better with every campaign. You can use TagTrail for classical marketing & social media campaigns, wayfinding and nearby attractions, or offers and couponing – it is up to you.

How does it work?

Fairly simple, we have a continuous, 3 step process – Design, Launch and Learn.

Step 1: You will need some touchpoints or tags.

Step 2: Assign services to your tags/touchpoints.

Next you launch your campaign by simply selecting the services you want to assign to each tag. What is it you want to achieve? Just a few examples:

Make ‘em tap to….

  • Get coupons or offers,
  • Check in or like via social networks,
  • Easily and securely connect to WiFi,
  • Discover restaurants, bars, shopping, points of interest, info, reviews and directions
  • View virtual content such as videos, pages, apps or product information

Step 3: Now that your environment has been tagged, use our robust analytics engine to learn what is working, what messaging is creating engagement and conversions. How can you make one tag tap turn into messaging that is seen by tens of thousands? You can continuously improve your engagements in real time.

How will my business benefit?

We believe strongly in touch discovery. We also think that touchpoints (NFC tags, QR codes and others) will blanket the world. And we know owners of NFC phones love to tap tags. It is fun, useful and targeted.  It is about getting me the information that I want, when I want it in an easy, mobile friendly format. The intuitive nature of the technology allows businesses to easily mobilize their content. At Identive, we are one of the world’s thought leaders in this space. We have created a content generation and delivery platform that is a step forward in how businesses communicate with their customers. Come with us and join the revolution.

Engaging with your customers with TagTrail will help you better understand their needs, anticipate their wishes and drive revenue and loyalty. You can harness our platform to easily increase your exposure via social networks. Let your customers unleash their advertising power for you!  We give you the tools…all you have to do is be creative, amaze them – they will come back.